GST Assistant

Basic description and functionalities

Tax Tribute GST assistant enables users to automate the entire process of downloading Json and excel files from GST portal. Following categories can be downloaded by tax professionals from the portal using this extension:

•   GSTR-3B (Json), GSTR-1 (Json) and GSTR-2A (Json)

•   GSTR-2A (Excel)

•   GSTR-4 (Json) and GSTR-4A (Json)

Rather than generating and downloading 12 files for each year (i.e. 24 clicks), the entire data for a financial year will be generated and downloaded in merely 2 clicks.

How to use Tax Tribute GST Assistant?

•   Install the extension

•   Login on GST portal and go to return dashboard

•   Click the extension icon to open Tax Tribute GST assistant

•   Generate and download files as per your convenience

Download extension

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